If you have played League of Legends you probably have heard of sites like op.gg or mobalytics. Those sites give you all kinds of information on yourself but also on other summoners. All that information comes right from the Riot API (a kind of database where we can pull information from). The sites have one drawback though, which is that they show you the information that a large portion of the player base wants to see, but there are a lot more statistics in the Riot API.

That’s where the data-analysis team from Esports Team Twente comes in. Currently, we’re working on such a dashboard for our own players. The added benefit is that we have complete control over what kind of information we would like to see. This means that if the players have a request for a stat we can see if that stat is available in the Riot API or if we can calculate it ourselves with the available information. This way our players and coaches get a tailor-made system which can help them improve their gameplay.

Of course at ETT we not only have League of Legends players but rocket league players as well and in the future maybe more players for different games. Our ambition is to create a centralized tool for all these players where they can see their stats, make an analysis of their replays and in general a place of improvement. It is, however, only in its baby shoes at the moment so plenty of room for improvement! Are you the one that is going to help us realise our ambitions?

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