How can we apply decades of psychological knowledge to the realm of eSports? That is what we are trying to figure out at eSports Team Twente. Coping, leadership, communication, decision making, teamwork – these are just a few of the topics that we plan to cover.

Currently, we are working on a phenomenon most of you are familiar with: tilt. More specifically, we are looking at ways to implement mindfulness into the routines of our athletes to see what the effect is on their general mental health and stress levels. One way to do this is analyzing and interpreting data from questionnaires and physiological measures, such as blood pressure and heart rate. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, the use of devices such as an EEG! These are just a few of the many possibilities. You would be working closely with professors, the experts at the BMS lab, and our very own athletes.

A challenging but rewarding task. Do you have an interesting hypothesis that you would like to put to the test? Let’s talk about it!

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