About The Event

Become an Esports researcher

By joining this event you will become an Esports researcher for a day, you will be working on a personally designed project about one of the two topics or on one of the pre-designed research projects. To give you an example of what is possible, you can measure the effect of hand temperature on the reaction speed or formulate a detailed vision of multiple events in Enschede to boost Esports exposure in the region. Your imagination is the limit of what is possible!

There will be a list of 15 projects that are designed by the BMS, ETT and Data science collaboration that you can choose from, but it is highly advised to also think of projects you personally find interesting!  The research aim and the scope of the solutions can be fully decided by you, so when you find a particular subject interesting in the gaming world (like your favourite game), don’t hesitate to fully focus on those aspects. At the event, there will be multiple eye-tracking and stress sensors that you can use under supervision.

You will get guidance from experts in the Esports scene if you are stuck on a problem, and you will have several moments where you can present your progress and intermediate results. You will gain valuable experience with setting up and executing research projects and solving challenges with creative solutions, all in the context of your favourite hobby!

Prizes & selection

Through an online poster market and group-visits by the jury the best solutions will be selected, these students will have to present their ideas to a professional jury which will select one (or more!) groups, these groups will be the winners of the event. They can show their work on the 17th to Gamemeneer and the TV-program Universiteit van Nederland. Moreover, their research and ideas will be carried out by Esports Team Twente and potential results will be published in the scientific Esports journal IJ-sports.

Gamemeneer & UvN

Universiteit van Nederland wants to see what the UT has to offer in the field of Esports and uses the Youtube influencer Gamemeneer as a guinea pig to showcase all the experiments.  It’s a TV program that shows specific sub-sections of different Universities through short 20-minute episodes. Gamemeneer is a Youtuber with 1.2 million subscribers whose videos are mostly focussed around gaming. While his target group is relatively young 10 to 18-year-olds, he still has an enormous reach to the youth in the Netherlands that we can use for the exposure of this event!

What we ask of the partcipants:

There are little requirements or demands linked to this event, we mainly want the students to think of innovative news ways to further develop Esports and showcase their findings amongst a broad audience! To do this we mainly ask you to be enthusiastic, think outside of the box and come up with cool ideas. Participants do need to have a Discord account as information and lectures will be hosted on the Discord platform.

All study directions are allowed to join, both from the UT and Saxion. The only real constraint is time related as you will need to have sufficient time on the 16th between 9:00 and 17:30 (few hours can be missed, but don’t miss out on too much!) and potentially on the 17th between 12:00 and 18:00.