The next step: part 2 / 2

Starting in early March 2021 ETT will host a showcase-event in collaboration with the EsportsLab and the BMS lab. During this event all the new developments in the fields of Esports research will be demonstrated. Hopefully, this will be a recurring event where on a (semi-)yearly basis the UT hosts an Esports research showcase where thousands of students can experience our recent projects.

Esports Team Twente: The next step

With the first official four months behind us, the ETT members can look back on a successful start of the newest UT student team. Though not all set objectives are achieved in the past few months, we can be happy with the progress we made so far. In this short two-part blog, I will review what ETT and her members have been doing so far. Especially in the second part of this blog I will also discuss what our specific plans and goals are for the upcoming five years! So, stay tuned and have fun reading!