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Coach & Game Analyst

Do you have affinity with gaming and would you like to bring out the best in our athletes? Then perhaps you can become a coach or game analyst for ETT! You will coordinate the practices; plan scrim matches and lead strategy meetings to determine where and how we can improve our play.

If you want to guide a team to success and manage a group of competitive athletes, then this might be the perfect position for you. As coach, you will be responsible for the team and results and making sure everyone is able to perform. As Game Analyst, your primary task will be in-depth analyses to help bring out the best in the players, as well as support research and data-analysis projects in ETT with your knowledge.


Interested? Send us an E-mail or poke one of our admins on Discord for more information on what ETT can offer you!


If you have any questions, would like some more information or would like to plan a short meeting to discuss the possibilities, please contact us on:
E-mail: info@esportsteamtwente.nl
Discord: discord.gg/XcJvdmMefs

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Flexible (based on schedule and preferences)
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Position: Coach & Game Analyst

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