Event overview

On the 16th of March, Esports Team Twente is collaborating with the BMS-lab, the UT Esports Lab, H.V. Ockham and E.S.A. Blueshell to host a new swing of a Create-Tomorrow-like event. Within a single day, students will be challenged in a pressure-cooker style to either:

  • Design & perform an esports-related study, where we approach esports from a top-sport angle.
  • Design & pitch the future of esports in Twente, where you will tell us how to put esports in the center of attention in the region.

You can join the event alone or in groups with 2 or 3 students, together working on one of the two challenges. As the very best ideas of both categories will be followed-up by Esports Team Twente, perhaps your idea can become realized, or your study elevated to a full-fledged scientific study published in a scientific journal. Moreover, the results of your work will be showcased in a special event on the 17th of March, where a special edition for Universiteit van Nederland by Gamemeneer (Youtuber with 1.2 million subscribers) will allow you to showcase the best of what Twente has to offer.

Between 9.00-17.00, you will be busy in the Design lab and the classrooms of the future with:

  • Inspiring lectures by several speakers form the esports field.
  • Working as a team to deliver results in a short period of time.
  • Think out of the box on not just challenges of today but anticipate those of the future.
  • Pitch

You can dive deeper into your hobby by performing data-analysis on your favourite game or determine how you can become a better player. If you are a fan of COD warzone or League of Legends, you can design a research project around those games.

On the 17th of March four games will be showcased specifically: CSGO, FIFA, Rocket League and SIM-racing. If you are a fan of any of these, don’t hesitate to design a game-related project as there will be a high chance that you can show your work to millions of viewers in the Netherlands!