1. What is Esports Team Twente?
Esports Team Twente is the 7th official student team of the University of Twente. We will be a team of students from in and around Enschede (not just the UT!) that will be working on Esports research, competition and awareness. As a team, we will be working on various challenging projects related to Esports, with the aim to achieve our primary goal: ‘’Taking esports to the next level!’’

2. When will Esports Team Twente start?
After the official team announcement on the 24th of February, we will begin the set-up phase for our team. This means that we will be recruiting new team members, defining our strategy and goals for the coming year and look for the best esports players the region has to offer. We aim to have established our team around April, after which we can (finally) start working on the many cool challenges Esports has to offer. For more information, check out the team page on this website.

3. What kind of games will you be working on?

Currently, we are planning to start off Esports Team Twente with a League of Legends team, although we are aiming to have several esports teams running as soon as possible. That means that if you are an enthusiastic or top player at another game (e.g. FIFA or Rocket League), feel free to contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.

4. What are you looking for in team members?
In short, we are looking for motivated students that want to be responsible for a professional (but fun!) organization, don’t shy away from a challenge and want to help bring Esports to Twente! If you are good at a videogame or would like to apply your skills and knowledge from studies to help us with research, engineering or awareness, we would love to discuss the possibilities with you.

5. Do I need to be great at gaming to join the team?
Part of Esports Team Twente will be focusing on competition. For these team members (or athletes) we are looking for the best in Twente. However, most of the team will be working on many other elements of Esports Team Twente: research, management, acquisition, external collaborations, marketing & brand awareness, education and so on.

6. What kind of research projects will the team be working on?
Short answer: That depends entirely on you! Esports performance can be approached from various disciplines and there is a wide variety of interesting topics to investigate. What is the actual effect of cold fingers on gaming performance? How does a loss affect performance for the next game? What is the optimal posture during gaming? How can we extract the right information out of the PC/console? As a team member of Esports Team Twente, you will define your own research goals!

7. Why should I join Esports Team Twente?
Being a team member of Esports Team Twente is a unique opportunity to be responsible for your own organization and be part of a ambitious team while working on various interesting challenges related to Esports and gaming. During your time with the team, you will develop yourself as a young professional and get experienced with teamwork, time management and responsibility. What makes Esports Team Twente unique however, is the freedom we offer. For the most part, you decide on what projects you will be working on, whether that is an interested research topic connected to your studies or organizing an event aimed at showing off Esports.

8. How many team members will Esports Team Twente have?
We expect the team to initially consist of 15-20 people. These will either be part of the League of Legends competition team (athletes, coach, analyst) or be responsible for (financial) management, marketing, research, collaborations and acquisition.

9. I am interested in joining the team, but I would like some more information to see if it is right for me.
Firstly, be sure to come along to one (or more) of our promotional activities in the coming few weeks! You will have the option to ask any questions you can have and together we can see what the possibilities are. If you have any questions, plan a casual meeting to see what’s possible or would like more information, you can always contact us at apply@esportsteamtwente.nl.