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Idwer de Vries - Team Manager

Our team reaches thousands of students via our competing teams and showcase events. Becoming a partnership and contributing to our growth is a unique opportunity to reach ambitious and talented students, especially when an IT-background is preferred. As the centre of Esports research in the Netherlands, our events generate exposure and showcase the innovativeness and competitiveness of the University of Twente and our partners.

So far in our first year, we have successfully established ourselves as the team specialized in Esports related research and even with COVID-19 we have achieved much:

First-year achievements

We connected 31 ambitious UT and Saxion students to work together as ETT team members

We established a serious gaming research partnership with the Royal Dutch Navy

We formed Esports teams in five different game genres where we compete on the highest national Esports level, currently ranking first in three of the five competitions.

We reach 200 – 500 students each time our competitive games are livestreamed. Our games are streamed between 2 to 4 times a week!

The social media of our team has grown to over 250 followers within 6 months and is still growing with each new event and win!

The team is currently designing an Esports arena on the UT, which when accepted and constructed will become the second competitive Esports facility in the Netherlands

We established a research partnership with the UT Esports lab and the BMS-lab and with them we organize a yearly Esports research demo event. This year in collaboration with Youtube influencer Gamemeneer (1.2 million subscribers)!

For an in-depth overview click here for the year one in review blog to gain more insight in our objectives and milestones!

What can Esports Team Twente offer you?

A wide variety of possibilities exist to become an ETT partner, the list below gives an overview of the potential services ETT can provide your company by becoming a partner. All mentioned services can be personalized based on your preference. Contact us to meet and discuss the possibilities!

Meet Students

Matching event
Once a year an interactive matching event is organized with the team members and followers of our student team where students can meet a selection of interesting companies in a LAN-party environment.

Tailor-made event
Together with the partner, an event will be designed where students are introduced to the company via our student team. The event itself can be fully designed by the partner.

Our events
During our research demonstrations, on-site tournaments and other showcase events, the partner can join in a variety of collaborative ways (e.g., lunch lecture, promotional stand)

Exposure & Reach


During our streams, from our players as well as our competitions, tournaments and events, the partner’s logo will be visible. Additionally, a partner-specific commercial slide will be shown periodically during the streams.

Equipment and hardware

The logo of the partner will be placed visibly on all the hardware (e.g., PC setups, headsets, keyboards, SIMracing rigs) and on all measuring equipment (e.g., eye trackers, heartbeat sensors) which will both be visible during all our events.

Team clothing

The logo of the partner will be made visible on all team clothing and merchandise (e.g., hoodies, sweatbands, mousepads). This also includes the jerseys of the Esports athletes.


Partner's logo, name and a short description will be added to the partner-page on the ETT-website.

Promotional material

The logo of the partner can be made visible on all promotional material (e.g., banners, flags) of our team.

Social media

News and promotional messages of the partner can be shared and send via the social media platforms (e.g., Instagram, Discord, Newsletter).

Events & competitions

Promotional material of the partner (e.g., Flyers, posters) can be spread during ETT events and competitions played in Enschede.

The partner can be mentioned at the start of the event through a shoutout.

Components of the competitions can be renamed to the partner (e.g., the Partner-MVP-award, the Partner-FIFA-tournament).

Become a frontrunner in Esports research

Joint research projects
Connecting talented UT and Saxion students with people from our partners, we can work together on a similar research project where our team’s expertise and knowledge of Esports and data analysis is combined with the experience of the partner.

Research collaboration
Our team can work on specific projects based on the partners’ preference, similar to how the qualities of Esports are applied to the training of Navy Officers, a similar Esports oriented research project can be executed on the partner’s topic.

Interested? We would like to invite to for a quick introduction meeting to get to know Esports Team Twente better and see if a partnership is interesting for both parties, click here to send an email!

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