Esports Team Twente aims to operate on the cutting edge between high-level performance and state of the art esports research. On the one hand, we will compete with other students and organizations in various high profile international esports tournaments. On the other, we will apply engineering, managerial, psychological and physiological knowledge from various disciplines to measure and improve the performance of our team. In our vision, the UT fills the knowledge gap currently existing in the esports performance research and becomes the centre of esports in the Netherlands. The university of Twente will be associated with state of the art esports performance research and competition. In the future when kids, students and adults think of Esports, they will think of the UT.


Disciplines of Esports Team Twente


Data Analysis is one of the three pillars of Esports Team Twente, where we translate data into measures of esports performance and provide arguments for strategy improvement based on facts, rather than intuition.

Without information about ingame performance, it will be difficult to discover how to improve it. We combine gaming knowledge with data to create new strategies for our esports teams to perform even better: the data analysis department is aimed at supporting the research. Understanding how we can take the raw data from games (and consoles) and translate it to performance measures is one of the challenges our team is working on. Currently, most strategies are created by intuition and trial and error; we will work towards a fact-based approach on in-game decisionmaking. This discipline is invaluable to our coaches and team members in taking those small (and big) advantages.

Esports Team Twente performs research on various factors influencing the performance of esports athletes, both from a physiological and psychological perspective. Our objective is to support 5 – 10 separate researches simultaneously throughout the year, via these studies our goal is to position ourselves and the UT as the global frontrunner of esports research.

Research is all about collaboration, and we will work closely with UT researchers, both on esports and various faculties. Our research will be focused around projects on esports performance that haven’t been carried out anywhere else in the world yet. We will work together with other team members on defined research questions in collaboration with experts and external parties, seeking to obtain a better understanding in which factors influence the performance of our athletes, and just as importantly, how we can apply this knowledge to take gaming to the next level.


We aim to position ourselves among the top teams of the Benelux and compete internationally via the University Esports Masters and the EU Masters competitions. Along with a dedicated team of coaches, strategist and analysts, we ensure maximum performance can be obtained from our esports athletes.

Our dedicated, disciplined players will be practicing on a regular basis as they watch replays, brainstorm with the team and review VODs, guided by strategists and analysis. The coach makes sure that the players practice adequately, planning their scrim-matches and making sure everyone is healthy and in optimal state to practice. Moreover, before and after competitive on-stage games, the eAthletes will be instructed and guided by a fully-equipped team.