Year one in review

One year ago, on the 3rd of March 2020, Esports Team Twente was founded as the newest official UT student team. Although we were off to a great start with exposure on social media, the radio and even an article in the Tubantia, the UT closing down shortly after to follow COVID regulations slowed our momentum down considerably.

Luckily, despite a year full of (adaptation/adapting) to conditions few of us anticipated, Esports Team Twente has truly established itself as an upcoming esports organization in the middle of the Dutch gaming and esports network. To celebrate everything we have achieved already, with this short recap we will take you along with some highlights of our first year.

Explosive growth with both UT and Saxion students

Although making students aware of the many opportunities the team offers was a bit difficult without on-site promotion, we are proud to say that so far already more than 30 students (and counting!) have been working for ETT in a wide variety of functions, from managers to designers, from athletes to researchers.

Some factors that have enabled this growth was our flexibility; all of our team members currently are working in a parttime arrangement, where we adapt our schedule to make sure everyone can work comfortably in these times. Furthermore, our team is very open to opportunities for internships or graduation assignments, enabling both UT and Saxion students to work for ETT without any delay to their study.

Our first covid-friendly meet-up during last summer

From academic research to societal value: Royal Dutch Navy Collaboration

One of the key goals of the UT is a knowledge transfer between the UT and society; applying the lessons we learn to make a difference in the world. Perhaps the best showcase of this is our collaboration with the Royal Dutch Navy on applying lessons learned from esports to contribute to training of army personnel.

Games offer a reproducible, high-stress environment where teams have to maneuver in complex missions to win; an ideal situation to test and train team- and communication skills, such as leadership or decision making. Together with the Esportslab, led by Guido Bruinsma, ETT is working on developing a workshop which will effectively use gaming to train such skills for training applications.

Twente’s talent: A professional esports organization

Our vision for ETT is to operate internationally as a professional esports organization, participating in various esports games on a high level and showcasing not just the talent we have, but how research and data analysis can help us improve even further. We’re proud to announce we are already involved in five different esports games:

  • League of Legends. Our five man team, with a coach and manager, are currently easily in the first place of the Dutch College League and well on track to qualify for the European competition, as well as participating in the Benelux Open Tour in collaboration with Home of Esports.
  • Simracing, with two very talented UT students currently in 1st and 3rd place in the Driver Rankings of Assetto Friends Asia League, and will soon enter the Simrace Vereniging Nederland (SRVN).
  • ETT has one athlete participating in various FIFA competitions, as well as a team organizing student competitions. Furthermore, ETT collaborates and trains together with FC Twente’s esports department!
  • Rocket League. With two teams, ETT Blue and Red, we’re doing well in Rocket League. Our best team is currently participating in the European University Rocketeers Championship!
  • CS:GO, with a 5-man squad and a coach, the participate in the Dutch College CSGO League, as well as help us out with our collaboration with the Royal navy.

We will continue to expand to become active on the entire spectrum of esports. Any talented players are welcome to contact us if they are interested in representing Twente on the big stage.

Awareness and marketing: Showcasing what Twente has to offer

Marketing is one of our most important activities. Twente has so much to offer for any student or organization interested in gaming or esports. Among others, we have hosted the largest student League of Legends tournament with over 130 participants, built up social media platforms with more than 300 followers and counting and organized a showcase of esports research at the UT and work with Sportaal to promote healthy gaming for all kids in Twente.

Currently we are expanding on our content as well; from organizing events with local partners to streaming competitive matches to hosting workshops, you will see ETT more and more in the coming months. We aim to appeal to a variety of target audiences, whether we explain to the next generation of gaming students why they should come to the UT or spread general awareness of the positive potential behind esports and gaming.

What’s next?

Esports Team Twente will continue in our mission to push the boundaries of esports. In the coming year, we aim to expand further and establish ourselves in the center of an esports network, collaborating with local and large partners alike to push innovation and professional development of the gaming scene, while showcasing that for anyone interested in gaming, Twente is the place to be.